The implication of logo

The logo of the group originates from the most representative seal cutting in the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. It integrates jundao holding group’s business name “jundao” with the credit Totem – “seal”, and also echoes with the group’s long-standing business – “accounting”. Seal, letter, power. Since ancient times, seal is the symbol of power and status, and the embodiment of responsibility and credit. In the long history of 5000 years of Chinese culture, we can see that seal cutting is widely used in official and folk documents, letters, calligraphy and painting art collections. Today, the seal is still the most reliable and effective proof mark in the world.

◆The core values of zindall holding group’s corporate culture of “gentleman is the foundation of business, and people are the foundation of virtue” are trusted and trusted by shareholders, employees, partners and customers.

◆The personality and professional ethics of every employee of zindall holding group are trusted and trusted by family members, colleagues, friends and customers.

◆The product quality printed with the logo of zindall holding group has been verified, and the quality and service are trusted by the majority of customers.

◆The two characters of “zindall” in the logo, the frame structure, the design of Chinese character seal style are ancient and fashionable, and the colors are red and white, simple and bright. It skillfully integrates the seal culture, enterprise culture and zindall logo, and comprehensively reflects and expresses the trustworthy enterprise quality of zindall holding group and the pioneering and innovative spirit of historical inheritance and future new value.

Governance philosophy

The group’s governance philosophy is the constant adherence of jundaoren, including:

The core values of a gentleman

Mission innovation driven, words and deeds must be fruit sharing

Vision to be the most respected service chain supplier for SMEs

Any system within the group must be set according to the concept of corporate governance, and should not be contrary to the concept, otherwise it will be invalid;

Core values: the gentleman’s duty is the foundation, and the way is the foundation

A gentleman takes benevolence and righteousness as his duty. A gentleman also advocates bravery, but the premise of bravery must be benevolence and righteousness, which is the legitimacy of the cause. A gentleman should be just right in dealing with things, and be moderate. We advocate that the workplace is the Dao field of personality cultivation. Through work cultivation, every gentleman and Taoist must have the following five qualities: self-discipline, responsibility, honesty, sharing and gratitude. These five qualities are also the essence of “gentleman’s duty”.